Terms & Conditions

  • The following program aims to help diabetic patients manage their diabetes in an effective manner. It consists of OneTouch glucometer and counselling services. Counselling services will cover aspects like lifestyle modifications, disease education and monitoring related to Diabetes.
  • With my consent, Portea will collect and process my personal information, including health and medical information, to enable Portea to provide customized counselling services.
  • Portea will collect and process my Personal Information in accordance with applicable data privacy laws and regulations and Portea’s own privacy policy.
  • I agree to be contacted by Portea over phone and email. I do not have any objection to receiving emails, messages (SMS or any other mode) and calls from Portea.
  • This consent shall supersede any preferences set through Do Not Disturb (DND Register)/ National Customer Preference Register (NCPR).
  • Portea may share my Personal Information (Name, Address, Contact Number, E-mail and Meter Serial Number) to Lifescan to facilitate the execution of the Program.
  • Portea will refer all patients with meter related and warranty related issues to Lifescan.
  • Lifescan obligations include: -
    • Lifescan would be responsible for resolving meter related issues and warranty related issues
    • Data is owned by Portea under their responsibility, no obligations to Lifescan and this is protected by the contract.
  • Lifescan will ensure that all my data is kept strictly confidential in its system, in accordance with its Privacy Policy which may be viewed or accessed at lifescan
  • I consent to Lifescan (which owns One Touch brand) being able to connect with me over phone, mail and SMS
  • Lifescan or a third party of its preference could reach out to me for conducting a telephonic survey to understand if I am facing any problems with my meter and to understand my testing patterns.
  • In the event of a medical emergency patients are required to go to their nearest hospital. Portea does not manage medical emergencies
  • Calls to or from me may be recorded for quality and training purposes
  • I can withdraw from the program by calling Portea customer service who in turn will dis enroll me from the Program. Upon termination of this Program, my Personal Information will be maintained in the records of Lifescan in accordance with Lifescan’s applicable records retention and applicable laws. Money will not be refunded
  • There is no guarantee/commitment that I may derive clinical benefit from the services Portea renders me.
  • The Program is not a substitute for any existing or future medical consultation/s with a doctor. For any medical advice whether or not in relation to the use of the Product, I will consult my doctor.