Diabetes frequently asked questions

  • What is Portea InControl Diabetes Plan?
    This is a comprehensive annual care plan for diabetes management for Type-2 diabetes. The plan is designed to help diabetics manage their sugar levels better and lead happy and healthy lives. On subscribing to the plan a customer gets an OneTouch Verio Flex Glucometer + FREE testing strips + personalized health coaching.
  • What are the Portea InControl Offers ?
    • Portea InControl 1999 offer with Unlimited FREE test strip for a year + OneTouch Verio Flex glucometer and dedicated health coach.
    • Portea InControl 1199 offer with OneTouch Verio Flex glucometer + 20 FREE test strip and dedicated health coach.
  • How does Portea InControl Diabetes Care Plan work?
    When a customer takes the subscription, a package will be sent to his/her address. The package will contain:
    • OneTouch Verio Flex glucometer
    • Free test strips
    • Program manual
    • Within 24 hours of downloading the OneTouchReveal® mobile app, the health coach will call up the customer to design the personalized diabetes Care plan
    • In consultation with the patient, their call schedule will be blocked. Every patient will be entitled for 1 calls per month with their health counsellor.
    • You can reschedule your call once in a month. If the counsellor is not able to reach the patient after 3 tries, Portea team will send a sms/email and the call will be moved to the next calendar month.
  • Will I get all the strips for the year at one time?
    Applicable only on 1999 offer and no other offers. Strip usage depends on the patient’s diabetic condition. Our counsellors will assess the patient's conditions and their required testing frequency. Basis which they will recommend strip allocation. Patients have to record their blood glucose levels using the OneTouch Reveal mobile app, so that their Health Coaches can review their progress. The Free strips will be sent on the basis of the patient's progress and thus cannot be sent all at the same time. At a time only 25 testing strips can be dispatched. A nominal shipping charge will be applied on all the orders of Free Test strips.
  • What if I want more strips than the allocated quantity during the subscription?
    If you need more strips than your allocated usage, you can buy them at a deeply discounted price from us.
  • Who is a Health coach?
    Health Coaches belong to our certified counseling team. Our knowledge partners Belle Sante have trained and certified these counsellors for diabetes counselling. Your assigned Health Coach will create a personalized plan for you to suit your lifestyle, work timings and health goals. They will schedule the calls to discuss your progress and accordingly conduct sessions on audio and video calls. You can also reach out to them for any questions you have over WhatsApp/ call.
  • How is Portea associated with Belle Sante?
    Belle Sante is our Knowledge Partner for the Portea InControl Diabetes Program. They have developed expertise in handling various lifestyle and endocrine diseases through functional medicine. They have defined the protocols for every call that you will receive from your Health Coach. You can read more about them at
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    The subscription can’t be cancelled after you have received the patient receives the package with One Touch Verio Flex Glucometer, FREE testing strips, and package manual
  • Can I speak to a doctor?
    We can schedule an appointment with Portea doctor or an external doctor over a call. The patient has to pay the consultation fee as applicable for availing the consultation.